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UDK3 Developer - UDK3 Scripting Course!

3D Models with skins

UDK3 Development

The Main UI
Editor Start
Another Surface
Adding Texture

Artifical Intelligence
AI with Kismet

Making Smart Bots

PDF Documents

Tutorial-1 First Room with a Light
Tutorial-2 A Hallway
Tutorial-3 New Big Rroom

Kismet PDFs
Intro to Kismet
Kismet Sequences
Relational Operators
Intro to Variables
Viewing Variables
Changing Variables
Counter Groups
Counter Groups II
Counter Groups III
The Switch I

UnrealScript Lecture Series

UnrealScript Secrets
First Program
Free UDK3 Scripting Course.


UDK3 (Unreal Development Kit*)is a free full-feature development set for creating high-end simulations of all types including interactive computer games.  The UDK3 features the Unreal Engine 3 technology which is used to create many of the world's award winning computer games. UDK3 creates full-featured stand-alone applications which can run on their own in stand-alone single-player or networked multi-player applications.

Major Features

  •  UDK3 - Editing: A fully integrated editing environment.
  •  UDK3 - Rendering: Multi-threaded 64 bit HDR pipeline (Gemini).
  •  UDK3 - Animation: Complete animation flexibility with blending.
  •  UDK3 - Scripting: High-level programming with complete game control.
  •  UDK3 - Visual Scripting Editor: No programming knowledge required.
  •  UDK 3 - Physics: Powered by NVIDIA’s PhysX engine.
  •  UDK 3 - Lighting: Advanced lighting and shadowing systems.
  •  UDK3 - Cinematics: In-game cinematics and cut scene editors.
  •  UDK 3 - Terrain: Dynamically deformable multi-layered base height maps with complete weather features.  
  •  UDK 3 - Networking: Full LAN and direct IP connectivity.
  •  UDK 3 - Shaders: Full functionality of XSI and Maya.
  •  UDK-3 - Audio: 3D location-based sound with pitch, levels, looping, filtering, modulation and randomization. 
  •  UDK-3 - Particle Effects: Fire, smoke, rain, dust using Unreal Cascade particle effects system
  •  UDK-3 - Artificial Intelligence: AI character control and crowd systems with flocking technologies.
  •  UDK 3 - Distributed Computing: Multi-core support adaptability to various game platforms.
  •  UDK 3 - Destructible Environments: Large objects to tiny particles.
  •  UDK 3 - Bink Video: Flexible game video configurations.
  •  UDK3 - SpeedTree: Modeling and rendering animated trees and plants in real-time.
  •  UDK 3 - FaceFX: Facial animation from audio files with lip-sync.
  •  UDK3 - Animation and Mesh Importing:  From 3DS Max and Maya.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
2.0+ GHz processor
2 GB system RAM
SM3-compatible video card
3 GB free hard drive space

Recommended for Content Development:
Windows Vista 64 SP2
2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
8 GB System RAM
NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
Plenty of HDD space

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